Family Law and Juvenile

Our firm is here to support you through the difficult, happy and momentous family transitions.

webThis includes:

  • Marital Separation, Dissolution or Divorce
  • Obtaining Legal Custody of your Child
  • Grandparent Rights and Custody
  • Adoption
  • Guardianships
  • Juvenile Law and Child Welfare

Our lawyers have considerable experience in obtaining the background information and evidence to properly position your case before the Domestic or Probate Court. We will guide you through the decision-making processes and aggressively represent your best interests.

“I thought I was done raising my children. But my son made a series of very bad decisions and I was left with all of the responsibility for raising my grandchildren with none of the legal ability to do so. My attorney at Davitz and Rieser made the process of obtaining legal custody of my grandchildren understandable and he fought hard for my grandchildren and my rights in our successful Court process.” 



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